Tenda Ear Wash

A Quick, Safe, and Odorless Ear Wash Used to Remove Build Up and Wax

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A quick, safe, and odorless ear wash treatment used to remove buildup and wax. Mild Coco-Glucoside surfactants help to breakdown the wax keeping the inner ear clean and fresh. Glycerin is added to further moisturize the surface helping to reduce the overall irritation.


1. With cap firmly attached, vigorously shake bottle.
2.Completely wet a CLEAN, UNUSED cotton ball. Gently wipe the inside of the ear flap and the outside of the vertical canal.
3.If cotton ball becomes dirty remove and discard used cotton ball, completely wet another clean, unused cotton ball, and repeat steps 2 and 3 until cotton ball is no longer dirty.
4.Wipe out ear with a clean, dry cotton ball or clean, dry cloth.
5.Allow ear to dry.


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Active Ingredients: Disodium Coco-Glucoside Citrate 1.0%
Inactive Ingredients: Deionized Water, Glycerine, Phenoxyethanol