Black Perfection Salve™

A Combination of the Drawing Power of Charcoal and the Antiseptic Properties of Sublimed Sulfur

Black Perfection Salve is the original time tested horsemen’s favorite remedy for minor scratches, abrasions and chafing. Black Perfection Salve™ combines the drawing power of charcoal with the antiseptic and anti-fungal properties of sublimed sulfur to create a soft and easy to apply salve.

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Black Perfection Salve is sold by the case

  • Twelve – 8oz jars


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To be used as an aid in the treatment of minor scratches and abrasions, or where a drawing salve is indicated.


Thoroughly cleanse the affected area and apply as needed. Keep refrigerated when not in use.


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Active: Sublimed Sulfur 18.5%
Inactive: Lard, Charcoal, Tannic Acid, Camphor, Methyl Paraben, and Propyl Paraben