Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Tenda Horse Products, LLC, offers in-house contract manufacturing.

Whether you have grown out of your current facility or want to take your equine product to the next level. Using your formula we will manufacture, fill, cap and label your equine gels, pastes, liniments, poultice, salves and homeopathic products into bottles, jars, buckets and syringes. Once filled we will label, package and ship the finished product to your warehouse, distributor or large customers. We are a professional manufacturer and your confidentiality is guaranteed!

By choosing Tenda Horse Products, LLC, to manufacture your products you can spend less time in production and more time growing your brand in marketing and sales. Our guaranteed production and shipping dates allow you to schedule your deliveries to suit the needs of your business. You can reduce or even eliminate your warehousing costs by shipping directly from the manufacturer to your distributor.

Have a great product but not sure of the best packaging? Utilizing our many suppliers we will locate the perfect container for your individual needs!

Additional services are available including MSDS Authoring, label design and label printing,
please contact to discuss the individual needs of your business.

We currently offer the manufacture and finishing of the following product types:
  • Blisters/Counter-Irritants (Fill Only)
  • Body Wash
  • Breathing Aids
  • Calming Aids
  • Electrolyte Paste
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (Fill Only)
  • Heel Salve
  • Homeopathic Immune System Supplements
  • Hopple Chafe
  • Hoof Dressing
  • Hoof Freeze
  • Hoof Packing
  • Hoof Polish
  • Leather Care Liquids and Sprays
  • Leg Brace
  • Leg Clay
  • Leg Paint
  • Leg Sweat
  • Leg Tightener
  • Liniment
  • Liquid Soap (Fill Only)
  • Lotions
  • Oral Paste Syringes
  • Pre-Race Pastes
  • Shampoo (Fill Only)
  • Thrush Remedies
  • Topical Remedies
  • Topical Grooming Liquids and Sprays